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This initiative is to create a centralized platform that offers seamless communication between organizations, program and volunteer management tools, compilation of local events, and accessible volunteer opportunities. Every word and action on the platform is fed through machine learning so users would be advised on recommendations.

A community organization would input information about itself such as mission statement, programs, social feeds, location, demographic of clienteles, and language capacity. Based on keywords and other factors, the platform would make recommendations on local and national organizations that may be a good partner. Organizations can submit events to a centralized calendar where if any two similar events exist, a notification would flag this to both organizations to minimize duplicated and wasted efforts. Automated communications will check in with organizations on a monthly basis to assess community needs and share funding updates. Additional perks for nonprofit organizations would be management tools to ease their workflow. A volunteer management tool would be available for organizations to see their applicant pool, ease the onboarding process, and log volunteers’ progress.



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May 3, 2022